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New [Guide] | How to Crack Accounts using OpenBullet!✅


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I) What's the Method?:

In this guide, I will walk you through using OpenBullet, a multi-usage opensource web testing tool, used for scraping and parsing data, automated pentesting, unit testing through selenium, and much more. You will be able to use this tool to open an NFA store and possibly earn a good earning semi-autopilot. I will mostly be focusing on the important stuff.
In this Guide, I won't be linking any sources to get proxies, nor wordlists, nor configs.

II) Tools & Requirements:
  • OpenBullet
  • Proxies
  • Wordlist
  • Configs
  • More than 6 Brain cells

III) Installation
  • First thing, of course, you will need to download and install the program.
  • The tool is publicly available on Github as open-source. So avoid any suspicious download links going around that might be infected.
  • You can build your own file, by downloading the project files from here.
  • You can also simply download prebuilt releases from here.
  • After downloading and running the program, you should be welcomed with this home tab of the program:

IV) Proxies
  • If you click on the "Proxies" tab, you will get the following tab:Spoiler (Click to View)
  • There, you can import your proxies list, and test them on a website to check if they're working.
  • You have 3 different options for importing proxies: Upload a txt file, Paste the list directly, or link an API.

  • You also have 4 different options for proxies types you can use: HTTP, Socks4, Socks4a, Socks5.
  • The tool also support proxies in the format of ip:port:username:password

V) Wordlist
  • When you click on the "Wordlist" you get a tab where you can store all the different wordlists you have, you can rename them to differentiate them, and choose a wordlist type from the given options.
  • You will also be able to see some details on each wordlist, which includes, how many lines does it contain, the file path, the purpose which you can add if you want, type which you choose from the given options.
  • Assuming you have tons of wordlists uploaded, you can use the search box to find the file you need.
  • You can also mass clear all the list with one button.

VI) Configs
  • When you click on "Config", you will get the tab where you can store all the configuration that you can use to crack accounts.
  • You can either create your own configs by clicking on "New" if you know how to create one, or you can load up premade configs by clicking on "Open Folder".
  • OpenBullet configs files are stored in the format of .loli or .lolix or .anom
  • You will notice that the configs are stored in a format that makes it easier to know the basic settings of the config. That includes if the config supports proxies, if it captures any information, if it's Selenium-based, how many bots/threads are recommended to be used, and more...
  • similar to the wordlist tab, you have a search box to search easily for the config you want and delete the config you want.

VII) Hits DB:
  • This is simply where all your hits will be stored, you can delete duplicates, delete the whole database of hits, and filter through the hits for a specific config.

VIII) Tools:
  • This tab includes a couple of features that are useful like a List Generator, Selenium Tools, Database shrinking.
    • List Generator:
      • This is very useful if you want to check a list of Gift Card codes, or Keys.
      • You simply enter the pattern of the codes, and generate a list of all possible codes which then you can use to check.
    • Selenium Tools:
      • Here you can control the Selenium part of OB "OpenBullet" by easily terminating any of the Chrome/Firefox browsers, cache folders, etc...
    • Database:
      • Simple feature which reduces the size of the DB files size by deleting unused space.

IX) Settings:
  • When you click on the Settings tab, you will be shown the follow tab:Spoiler

  • There you can configure everything from the timeout duration for checking and threads, connect a webhook, choose if you want to ban proxies, shufle proxies, add an api key for a captcha solver, configure the selenium settings, and much more...

X) Runner:
  • After you set up all of that, now you want to start running the program, so you simply click on the "Runner" Tab, and hit on "New" which will add a runner like this:


  • From that point, you have 2 options to configure each runner, you can do a quick setup by simply clicking once on "Config" to choose a config, click on "wordlist" to choose a wordlist you want to check, click on "bots" to choose how many bots/threads you want to use, and "proxies to choose if you want to force use or not use proxies or leave it like the config settings are set as.
  • Another option is double-clicking on the runner, which will open a runner detailed tab like this:
  • There you can do the same thing but clearer.

  • After you finish setting up the runner, simply hit Run, and enjoy.

XI) Notes:
  • You can run multiple runners at the same time to check multiple wordlists, and/or multiple configs.
  • Your proxies might work on a website/config, and not on another. It will depend on the quality of your proxies and if it's not banned from the website.
  • Preferably use an RDP or a VPS so you can run OB 24/7.
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